GLP deals with Industrial Property since 1967 with offices in Udine, Milan, Perugia, Zurich and San Marino.

The Studio specialises in the protection of inventive ideas by means of filing and obtaining patents both in Italy and abroad; a further field of activity is the protection of models, designs and trade marks, again both in Italy and abroad.

The Studio regularly supplies technical and legal advice concerning the validity of patents (both invention and model patents) and that of third party trade marks. It also gives assistance with regard to problems of infringement and competition, to clients who are either plaintiffs or defendants, and also assists clients on matters of secrecy, and evaluates whether inventive ideas and trade marks can be protected.

The Studio provides assistance to clients with legal actions, whether the client be plaintiff or defendant, both in Italy and abroad, with technical and legal advice and with regard to actions of infringement, unfair competition and the theft of industrial secrets.

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