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Quality and reliability, an important binomial for the Client who wants to rely on a unique coordinator, able to answer to the most different requirements: from the marine industry to the hospitality one, from the restaurant industry to that of collections of design objects. Make My Design represents all the expressions of the artisan vertical supply chain.

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“We have eaten bread and sawdust, following the fame passed down from one generation to another, and we have been feeling the need not to give up new objectives and new challenges, never saying “no” and always creating unexpected solutions even in the most difficult situations.”


“Our smoothing method results from our long, hard-gained experience, from choices suggested by passion and from human relations that tie all us together.”


“Being born and grown up here helps us make thorough treatments, as well as the attention we have always paid to creating something new, or rather, to transforming ancient knowledge by new means.”

MM tappezzeria

“We take care of all details in our products: any element must be perfect because the smallest imperfection would ruin the whole product.”


“Over the years, we have experienced any type of material and transformed our business into a big operating lung.”

Penta Legno

“The delicate art of design and transform ideas into reality.”


“You can guess how much enthusiasm we put in this dream every day! We build crazy objects with weird materials, bowls, statues, handrails, objects, chairs…”


“How charming is meeting nature again when the blade runs and cuts the trunk, showing us all its beauty, its heart made of colour, consistency, smell… a sensation that has always been fascinating and moving.”


“Colours mean experiments, combinations, experiences, games, details, painted surfaces, shades. Colours not only cover surfaces, but they also turn any space into something original and unmistakable, giving it a unique style.”


“We choose the best material together, we build the product piece by piece and we bring it to life.”